Green Tourism


Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world is a privilege. But it also requires a promise. A promise to protect nature, keep it clean and treat it with the future in mind. We engage in active climate protection and generate our electricity ourselves – with solar power. This does not influence our guests but does have a great deal of added value for our environment.


We provide you with the best mountain spring water straight from the tap in all our apartments. For those who prefer sparkling water, we offer our Soda Club Station – where you can take the mountain spring water and convert it into delicious mineral water free of charge. Please do not bring still or sparkling water from the store or from home. Together we can bring about change. Thank you!


With us you can also treat your car to a time-out. Park your car in front of the building or in the parking garage. Many of your destinations are easily reached by foot or using the free ski and hiking bus.


The trend towards driving electric cars hasn’t passed us by. We support everything that will unburden our environment. We are happy to let you charge your electric car with us and enjoy an emission-free vacation.


What’s more beneficial than unspoiled nature and fresh mountain air? And we need to protect and preserve both of these. In order to conserve energy and prevent unnecessary heating emissions, we ask that you close the windows before leaving your apartment. In the same vein, we also ask that you turn of the main power switch when you go on an excursion. The refrigerator and dishwasher will remain in operation.


Looking for a wonderfully relaxing wellness vacation? Wellness and environmental protection can be combined. In order to manage our resources in the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner possible, we only turn on the sauna after prior request. Simply sign up at the reception desk or over the phone, and your visit to one of our wellness oases will be assured.


Waste separation also contributes to our environment’s health. That’s why we ask that you separate your waste in your apartment in advance. The appropriate bins have been provided. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. (Lao-tzu)

Apartment Panorama Kappl 302

2 - 3 persons

Apartment Norbert 202

2 - 3 people

Apartment Adlerhorst 402


Apartment agnes 101

8 - 10 people

Apartment galtür 401

5 - 7 people

Apartment Panorama Ischgl 301

5 - 7 people

Apartment panorama see 303

4 - 6 people

Apartment wolfgang 201

4 - 6 people

Apartment BERGPANORAMA 403

3 - 5 people

Apartment Jakob 203

3 - 5 people

Apartment Sarah

3 - 5 people

Apartment daniela

3 - 5 people

Apartment philipp

2 - 5 people

Apartment panorama

2 - 3 people

Apartment alexandra

2 - 4 people

Apartment daheim

4 - 5 people

Apartment Mountaineer

6 - 10 people

Apartment Mountainbiker

4 people

Apartment Skier

2 - 5 people

Covid-19 Information

In order to make your vacation as stress-free and safe as possible, we strictly comply with all mandated COVID guidelines and adhere to a rigorous hygiene policy.


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