Family Mattle

Your host family

Sarah und David

Sarah, second born of the three children, lives with her partner David at Ferienwohnen Mattle in Kappl. She lovingly takes care of our "Nali" and the guests at Ferienwohnen Mattle and Chillas Apartments. Sarah puts her heart and soul into the family business and brings a breath of fresh air into the company with her input and tireless commitment.

She shares her passion for the mountains with her boyfriend David. So the two are felt, every free minute with the bike, the skis, the touring skis or on foot in the mountains on the way. As a trained mountain guide Sarah always has a tip ready for our guests and also offers guided tours.

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Urli "Agens"

During a stay in Kappl in the vacation living Mattle, you meet sooner or later certainly once on our family eldest - Agnes, from us affectionately called "Urli" (great-grandmother) or "Nali" (grandmother).

Agnes - the mother of Daniela and founder of the former Apart Rudigier, still lives in the house (today's Ferien wohnen Mattle) and is despite her proud age of 86 years still in the middle of it instead of only there. She doesn't want to let go of her responsibilities, such as washing clothes, separating waste and feeding the staff, and she also offers the odd piece of advice on how to use resources. She says: "A rolling stone gathers no moss, and as long as I can still do it, I'll do it". She is also happy to take the time for a chat with our guests.

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Daniela und Anton

Daniela and Anton, parents of three adult children - Philipp, Sarah and Alexandra, are avid mountain sports enthusiasts, as well as founders and owners of the Mattle Apartments.

The history of Mattle Apartments began in 1991 with the construction of the current parent company - the Apart Zimalis in Galtür. Daniela and Anton were still a very young couple of builders at the time, yet with clear ideas of what they wanted, namely:

  • Comfort
  • Innovation
  • Coziness 

The result was a single-family home to feel at home in, with six additional guest apartments - the foundation stone in the rental business was laid.

In 2005 followed the reconstruction/new building of Daniela's parents' house in Kappl - then Apart Rudigier - today'sFerienwohnen Mattle.

In 2019, the new construction of the C(h)illas - formerly called by us, because of the close location "valley station" -the Mattle Apartments Family. 

Three accommodations, two places, one family!

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Alexandra und Guntram

Alexandra, youngest of the three children, lives with her husband Guntram in Nüziders in Vorarlberg. You, too, are regularly drawn to your home in Galtür. Most of all for skiing, hiking, mountaineering, hunting, bouldering or for the love of culinary delights in the Mattle house. For Guntram, too, going to Galtür is a feeling of "coming home".  

Alexandra also supports the family business with her know-how in resource procurement and a good hand in decoration, as well as the Saturday guest changes if required. 

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Manuela und Philipp

Philipp, eldest of the three children, lives with his wife Manuela and their joint children Stella and Lea in Zirl near Innsbruck. The roots in the home Galtür makes them come regularly to visit.

Much to the delight of the lively Zeitgeister Stella and Lea. Because for them, going to Galtür means vacationing with Nona (Grandma) and Neni (Grandpa), snow - felt all year round and playing with guest children - preferably all day. 

Manuela also supports the family business with her know-how in online marketing and, if necessary, the Saturday guest changes.  

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Apartment Panorama Kappl 302

2 - 3 persons

Apartment Norbert 202

2 - 3 people

Apartment Adlerhorst 402


Apartment agnes 101

8 - 10 people

Apartment galtür 401

5 - 7 people

Apartment Panorama Ischgl 301

5 - 7 people

Apartment panorama see 303

4 - 6 people

Apartment wolfgang 201

4 - 6 people

Apartment BERGPANORAMA 403

3 - 5 people

Apartment Jakob 203

3 - 5 people

Apartment Sarah

3 - 5 people

Apartment daniela

3 - 5 people

Apartment philipp

2 - 5 people

Apartment panorama

2 - 3 people

Apartment alexandra

2 - 4 people

Apartment daheim

4 - 5 people

Apartment Mountaineer

6 - 10 people

Apartment Mountainbiker

4 people

Apartment Skier

2 - 5 people

Covid-19 Information

In order to make your vacation as stress-free and safe as possible, we strictly comply with all mandated COVID guidelines and adhere to a rigorous hygiene policy.


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